Dessert first. Dinner second.



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Traditional Brownie Flavors
$2.00/ea or 3/$5.00

Original (chocolate and butterscotch chips)

Twisted Original (chocolate brownie swirled w/ sea-salted almond butter)

Toffeeasaurus Rex (Double Espresso brownie w/ thick toffee center)

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough (‘nuf said)

Hazelnut Sammies (filled w/ Nutella and rolled in Oregon hazelnuts)

Spicy Chipotle (w/ fresh mangoes)

Blueberry Goat Cheese (w/ lemon)

Sweet Hibiscus (candied hibiscus flowers with dark chocolate chips)

S’Mores (pretzel crust, thick chocolate center with hand toasted marshmallow)


Drunken Brownie Flavors

$2.50/ea or 3/$7.00

Amaretto’s Song (Amaretto soak brownies topped with dried cherries)

Guinness Brownies (Can also be made with your favorite Stout!)

Pervy Uncle’s Pocket (Butterscotch & buttermilk brownies topped with Werther’s Originals & Cashews)

Apricot & Brandy (Brando soaked Apricots floating in rich chocolate brownies)

Bourbon-infused brownies (Need I say more?)


Seasonal Flavors – Brownies

$2.50/ea or 3/$7.00

Oregon B&B (Brandy-soaked seasonal berries: Blackberries, Cherries, or Marionberries) -summer

Pumpkin Pie Brownies -fall

Sweet Potato Pie Brownies –fall

POM Bliss (Pomegranate, Green Tea, & 75% Dark Chocolate) -winter

Drunken Nutty Fig Brownies (Brandied Figs& Pecans) - winter



$1.00/ea or 12/$10.00

Dreams (white chocolate w/ hints of citrus)

DIY Sugar Cookies! (Decorate It Yourself sugar cookies!)


Gluten Free

$1.50/ea or 12/$16.00

Florentine Cookies (delicate dried fruit, nuts & herb cookie with a dark chocolate bottom)

Coconut Curry Macaroons

Salted Caramel Macaroons

Sweet Hibiscus Macaroons

Almond Joy-style Macaroons


*Cupcakes, muffins and cheesecakes in these, and many other flavors upon request. *